Why invest in BTRS?

1. No Soft cap needed:
Product created and launched by Founders and Angel Investors

2.  Utility from day 1:
Pay your fees with BTRS and have up to 50% discount!

3. Buy Back and Burn out: 
We will share our profits with all our bitrus community

4. Real price value:
BTRS coins not sold in the ICO will be burned, each coin equals 1 team's BTRS burned

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United States


1. Receive 5% of your referrals BTRS purchases during the ICO in two tiers

2. Get half of our business.You can get up to 50% of your referral trading commissions

3. Get an extra 100 BTRS for your 5th referral.

Current discount rate finishes in:

Raised: 100.00%

For purchase of the token, bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
and over 10 cryptocurrencies are accepted.

This is not a public offering of an ICO, our offering is private. Please review our Terms and Conditions.

  • Crypto/Crypto Exchange
  • 50 Cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto/Fiat Exchange
  • Trading pairs against
  • 10M coins
    until May 29th - Oct 14th
  • 30M coins $.06 USD (40%)
    Oct 15th - Nov 14th
    2nd stage
  • 25M coins $.07 USD (30%)
    Nov 15th - Jan 14th
    3rd stage
  • 4.
    $.08 USD (20%)
    Jan 15th - Mar 14th
    4th stage

What is Bitrus

World Blockchain Conference

BITRUS Won the first place during the World Blockchain Conference

To Know more visit Worldwide

Bitrus Expansion Plan

Bitrus Buy Back and Burn Out

Buy back and burn out strategy will avoid the decrease of the coins’ price and to boost its appreciation.

Exchange Features

Create subaccounts from the main account for a managing easier the funds. A perfect tool for fund managers, or even if you want to use different strategies in your subaccounts.

Track your trading history with a useful tool with indicators to know your real Profits or Losses.

Record and balance of trading
Bitrus will organize tournaments for all the traders that want to participate, the winners will obtain special prizes.

Tournaments with amazing prizes
Our hardware is capable of handling 2.1M transactions per second. This makes us one of the fastest Exchange of the world.

Up to 2.1 million transactions per second
The clients must have a very good experience in Bitrus, so we have developed a model to increase the quality and efficiency of the service with our clients through a CRM system.

Customer support
In the ICO fase clients will obtain 2 tiers referrals of 5%, once the exchange runs live the referrals will earn commission from the referrers trades.

Affiliate and referral
The platform and the app will provide price alerts in real time of any cryptocurrency listed on Bitrus.

Trading alerts
Select your favorite coins and receive the latest news and updates. Also a news webpage will be available on

News and crypto world
The technology has different structures for all the security that is necessary to protect the crypto assets. For safety and encryption we are using all low and high languages.

High standard security
Get familiar with the platform and practice with the demo account option to buy and sell without having to use real money.

Demo account
Get the knowledge and fundamentals of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies through the educational material.

New facts and video feed archive
Buy the top 20 cryptocurrencies based on the highest market capitalization with one click. The index will be divided with maximum 15% per each cryptocurrency.

BTRS20 Index
The social network is a space where the community of Bitrus that wants to share special information, analysis and opinions about the market can do it. The users will be able to connect with people around the world and have a virtual meeting point to interact with them.

Social network


Access to more  than 50 cryptocurrencies

And many more

Native Apps




Bitrus and your investments are available to you at any moment through our user-friendly apps designed for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch), Android devices and desktops. Our apps will alert you to news or changes in the market and important information regarding your investments.


Tutorial program to become crypto trader expert within 6 months




Bitrus Coin Features


We use ERC20 parameters to assure a standard interface that guarantees interoperability between tokens.

50% discount on trading fees

Pay only 50% of commissions in the exchange when using BTRS.

Liquidable in multiple currencies.

Our platform has the interfaces crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto, so you can use the fiats that you want.

ICO discounts.

The earlier you purchase an ICO, the greater the benefit. Invest on our ICO before it transcends to the next stage.

Buy Back.

Bitrus will buy back btrs, up to 100 million btrs.

Burn Out.

Bitrus will burn out a percentage from the profits each quarter.

Token Distribution and Allocation
Our Token, the Bitrus Coin. With a strict limit of 226MM BTRS that will never be increased.
BTRS will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20.
Token Distribution
Angel Investors
March 2018

Private sale

October 2018


2 weeks

Design of the Social Network

3 weeks

Define the structure of Referral Program

4 weeks

Include the Tournaments for clients

5 weeks

Model of Burning Coins to increase value of BTRS

6 weeks

Development of Sub-Accounts and Multiple Wallets

8 weeks

Development of the Technical Analysis Tools

12 weeks

Crypto/Crypto and Crypto/Fiat

16 weeks

Official Launch of Bitrus Exchange starting operations (beta version)

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Alberto Djemal

Jaime Sotomayor
Business Development

Eduardo Djemal
Corporate Finance

Marc Telyo
Corporate Communication

Ronny Kadarishko

Manuel Hintze

Blockchain Developer

Product Developer


Marcus Dantus

Ariel Mizrahi

Emmanuel Samson

James Hinton

Neil Haran

Naviin Kapoor

Brian Condenanza

Alvaro Rivera



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